You can download Weekly Worksheets for session 2021-22 provided by Delhi’s Department of Education for Online Teaching during COVID-19 lockdown.

Week-14 Assessments: 11-Oct to 16-Oct 2021

Week-14 Worksheets: 11-Oct to 16-Oct 2021

Week-13 Assessments: 27-Sept to 02-Oct 2021

Week-13 Worksheets: 27-Sept to 02-Oct 2021

Week-12 Worksheets: 20-Sep to 25-Sep 2021

Week-11 Assessments: 13-Sep to 18-Sep 2021

Week-11 Worksheets: 13-Sep to 18-Sep 2021

Week-10 Worksheets: 06-Sep to 11-Sep 2021

Week-9 Assessments: 30-Aug to 04-Sep 2021

Week-9 Worksheets: 30-Aug to 04-Sep 2021

Week-8 Worksheets: 23-Aug to 28-Aug 2021

Week-7 Assessments: 16-Aug to 21-Aug 2021

Week-7 Worksheets: 16-Aug to 21-Aug 2021

Week-6 Worksheets: 09-Aug to 14-Aug 2021

Week-5 Worksheets: 02-Aug to 07-Aug 2021

Week-4 Worksheets: 26-Jul to 31-Jul 2021

Week-3 Worksheets: 19-Jul to 24-Jul 2021

Week-2 Worksheets: 12-Jul to 17-Jul 2021

Week-1 Worksheets: 05-Jul to 10-Jul 2021